I am Karin, a Belgian woman & single mom living in Buenos Aires. I am the founder & manager behind and in the front of the eco-boutique hotel called Marcel de Buenos Aires  since 2016. It's a small hotel in a historical building I bought in 2011 and renovated over the course of 3 years after 2 years of fighting bureaucracy. All with own money from selling my properties in Belgium.

The whole project has been rough, Argentina being known for its corruption, bad labor mentality. Yet, I love it here. Argentina is an amazing country and Buenos Aires one of the nicest cities I know.


While most countries are slowly coming out of some form of lockdown and tourism is allowed again, that is NOT the case in Buenos Aires and in the rest of the country. We had to close on March 20th 2020.  Expectations are that tourism will pick up again well into 2021. Many hotels have closed permanently, as well as bars & restaurants.

There is NO government aid here for the tourist sector.

I was lucky to be able to host foreigners stranded in the country, traveling to BA and having to stay awaiting a flight home. That's how I & my finances made it till the end of May.

I am not willing to give it up!

This hotel has been my dream, a life project. I have been putting all my passion, knowlegde, dedication into the MARCEL , and before the Marcel almost 20 years into The Phileas Fogg, a bed & breakfast I had in Brussels.

Our expenses on a monthly basis are:
property taxes

monthly fumigation of the entire building


cleaning of the water tanks ( 2 x / year )

recharge of the fire extinguishers ( 1x / year )
health policy
tuition for my daughter's school
all of the above  payable in the local currency: the ARS ( Argentine peso )

a (small) loan on the building: payable in USD

10 USD here today is a fortune, for the blue dollar rate ( that is the not official rate ) being extremely high

But it is the USD-loan that is killing me.

So I need to be able to bridge the time between now and the day we can reopen & generate an income again.

For those who know me, they know I would never ask if it wasn't really necessary. I am a fighter, persevere. And always open to reinvent myself.

All I want is a future for HOTEL MARCEL. To be able to welcome guests from all over the world again ! To receive them with the warmest welcome! To show them the city I love !

And to be able to do that, I & hotel MARCEL , we need your help.


I believe many small contributions make one big in the end. Whether you be friends, family, former guests, good hearted people, planning a trip to Buenos Aires ...

10 USD : as a simple gesture
20 USD : we double the amount in the form of a reduction on your future stay
60 USD : 2 free nights for 2 , breakfast included ( you will get a voucher sent to you by mail )

Whatever the amount you want to help us with, all of you will get a link to my book "A Twist of Tango",  a book I wrote about who I am and why I moved to Argentina with my daughter in 2015.

Your contribution will help us get through this unusual, unexpected, unplanned for situation.

From the bottom of my heart,